My name is Donna and I have discovered a new hobby. I love to collect autographs of my favorite sports stars, celebrities, authors, etc. I have only been collecting for a couple of months and I have been very successful, so I would like to share my successes with others and maybe we can start sharing addresses, etc. I mainly collect TTM (Through the Mail) Autographs but will also post those that I get from other venues as well. Thanks for visiting. This is gonna be fun!

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Hank Aaron, Gene Upshaw, Vince Papale, Bruce Benedict, Dickie Thon, Rick Cerone, Steve Balboni, Tom Herr, & Tony LaRussa! COOL!

Bruce Benedict (MLB Catcher)
335 Quiet Water Ln
Atlanta GA 30350-3724
Sent: 06/30/08
Item Sent: Letter, SASE, 1 baseball card, ball or catcher’s helmet signing request
Received: 07/28/08 (signed 1/1 cards with black sharpie)*
1989 Upper Deck #121 Autographed card
Returned In: 29 days

Dickie Thon (MLB SS)
C17 Calle Lino Del Mar
Dorado PR 00646
Sent: 07/17/08
Item Sent: Letter, SASE, 2 baseball cards
Received: 07/28/08 (signed 2/2 cards with fine point black sharpie)**
1986 Fleer #313 Autographed Card
1992 Upper Deck #150 Autographed Card
Returned In: 12 days

Gene Upshaw Career Highlights and Awards:
7-time Pro Bowl selection (1968, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977)
11-time All-Pro selection (1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977)
2-time Super Bowl champion (XI, XV)
NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team
NFL 1970s All-Decade Team
1987 Pro Football Hall of Fame

Gene Upshaw (NFL Guard HOF ‘87)

c/o NFL Players Association
2021 L St NW
Washington DC 20036-4909
Sent: 07/16/08
Item Sent: Letter, SASE, 1 football, sharpie, homemade card, request for 8x10 photo
Received: 07/28/08 (signed football with black sharpie!)* YEAH!
Returned In:
13 days

Hank Aaron (MLB OF HOF)

c/o Atlanta Braves
PO Box 4064
Atlanta GA 30302-4064
Sent: 07/17/08
Item Sent: Letter, SASE, 1 baseball card
Received: 07/28/08 (signed 1/1 card with black pen)*
1976 Topps #550 Autographed card
Returned In: 12 days

Rick Cerone (MLB Catcher)
34 Winding Way
West Paterson NJ 07424-2669
Sent: 07/12/08
Item Sent: Letter, SASE, 1 baseball card
Received: 07/26/08 (signed 1/1 cards with red sharpie)*
1990 Topps #303 Autographed card
Returned In: 17 days

Steve Balboni (MLB DH/1B)
117 Burlington Rd
New Providence NJ 07974-2709
Sent: 07/17/08
Item Sent: Letter, SASE, 3 baseball cards
Received: 07/28/08 (signed 1/3 cards with blue fine point sharpie)*
1986 Fleer #1 Autographed card
Returned In: 12 days

Tom Herr (MLB Pitcher)

1077 Olde Forge Xing
Lancaster PA 17601-1738
Sent: 07/18/08
Item Sent: Letter, SASE, 3 baseball cards
Received: 07/28/08 (signed 3/3 cards with blue sharpie)***
1991 Leaf #48 Autographed card
1991 Score #820 Autographed card
1988 Donruss #208 Autographed card
Returned In: 11 days

Tony La Russa (MLB IF/Mgr.)

c/o St. Louis Cardinals
250 Stadium Plz
Saint Louis MO 63102
Sent: 07/10/08
Item Sent: Letter, SASE, 3 baseball cards
Received: 07/28/08 (signed 2/3 cards with black sharpie)**
1989 Topps #224 Autographed card
2006 Topps Allen & Ginter #299 Autographed card
Returned In: 19 days

According to Wikipedia:
Vince Papale played three seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL following two seasons with the Philadelphia Bell of the World Football League. Papale was the inspiration for the 2006 movie Invincible.

In 1974, while bartending at Max's in Prospect Park and substitute-teaching at Interboro High School, he successfully tried out for the Philadelphia Bell of the World Football League as a wide receiver. Papale caught 9 passes for 121 yards, 13.4 average.
His performance with that team earned him a meeting with Coach Dick Vermeil of the Philadelphia Eagles after general manager Jim Murray got him an invitation to a private work-out held by Coach Vermeil.

Papale, at 6-feet 2-inches (1.88 m) and 195 pounds (88.5 kg), eventually made the team, thereby becoming, at age 30, the oldest rookie in the history of the NFL to play without the benefit of college football experience (other than kickers). He went on to play wide receiver and special teams for the Eagles from 1976 through 1978. During that time, he played in 41 of 44 regular season games (regular seasons being 14 games in 1976-1977 and 16 games in 1978) recording two fumble recoveries, (including one that led to Vermeil's first NFL victory), and one 15-yard reception. He was voted Special Teams Captain by his teammates and "Man of the Year" by the Eagles in 1978 for his many charitable activities. A shoulder injury ended his career in 1979. After retiring from the NFL, he worked as a TV and radio broadcaster for eight years, then became a commercial mortgage banker.

Papale, who earned the nickname "Rocky" (after the 1976 Sylvester Stallone movie and character) while playing with the Eagles, is the subject of the Disney movie Invincible, starring Mark Wahlberg. He was also reportedly the inspiration for the 1998 Tony Danza movie, The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon.[1] In addition, Papale's legend was cited as a factor in the Eagles' signing of construction-foreman/tight-end Jeff Thomason for 2005's Super Bowl XXXIX.[2]

Diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2001,[3] Papale has recovered from the disease, to become a spokesman encouraging people to get regular check-ups. He has appeared in commercials for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital encouraging others to be tested.

Currently, Papale is the regional director of marketing and senior account executive for higher-education marketing at Sallie Mae. He resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with his wife Janet and two children, Gabriella and Vincent.

Papale and Wahlberg during the filming of Invincible,

a film based on Papale's football career.

Vince Papale (NFL WR)

Email request:
Item Requested:
Autographed photo
Received: 07/28/08 (received personalized autographed 4x9 picture)*
Returned In:
20 days

Vince Papale (NFL WR)

Email request:
Item Requested: Autographed photo
Recvd: 07/28/08 (received personalized autographed 8x10 movie poster picture)*
Returned In:
20 days

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